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Augment Social - Hyper-targeted, machine learning and industry-leading digital advertising tool

Witnessing a surge in demand from businesses, marketing agencies and marketing managers were in need of a sophisticated Facebook advertising solution. 180 Degree reviewed a wide range of social media product offerings and developed a solution: Augment Social.

What is ‘Augment Social’?

1 in 2 Australians check Facebook every day. In fact, the average Australian now spends more time on Facebook than they do watching TV (average 100  minutes a day on Facebook).  With an audience of over 15 million people a day using Facebook, it makes  sense to be promoting your business in this space.

Augment Social is a bespoke solution that without a doubt best meets the needs of our network of clients, and will best help you optimise your visibility  in your marketplace. Augment Social by 180 Degree simplifies the creation,  distribution and optimisation of business call-to-action posts within Facebook  and other Social Media platforms. Specifically, it:

  • Automates online business promotions within Facebook.
  • Automatically creates advertisements for your business.
  • Pushes the advertisements to audiences of truly engaged users in the area you wish to market a property (starting point is +5km radius from your business address).

Augment Social by 180 Degree has the technology to know where the most relevant eyeballs for your business are, and how to get in front of them, putting your business in front of those most likely to engage and contact you in person, digitally or over the phone. It is more sophisticated than a boost post, with proven results, delivering greater bang for buck for your marketing investment. Augment Social has the ability to create a custom audience that you 'own' for your own re-marketing purposes. This enables you to re-market only to people that have demonstrated interest in your business.

  • Automatically measures the result of your campaigns, with live data accessible to you at any time.

Automated Social Media Caberra

And here’s the best bit... it’s all automated!

By using 180 Degree's Augment Social, we and can save you between 45-90 minutes per post (versus manual process).

The benefits of advertising your business this way:

  • Capitalise on the large audience of customers already surfing Facebook
  • Reach more potential customers, cost-effectively
  • Create and retain your audience data for your own re-marketing
  • Data to show you how your social pages are performing
  • Data to show investors how you can cost-effectively reach customers in a highly targeted way
  • Automated Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Automated Live Reporting

Package Pricing

Advertising packages are flexible and we recommend you start with a 2-week campaign. This will put the advertisement in front of your audience as we start to grow your following and engagement.

DurationPriceEst. Reach*
4 Weeks$50015,000 - 20,000
3 Weeks$30010,000 - 15,000
2 weeks$2505,000 - 10,000
10 Day$150Video or Single Image

*Reach is dependant on the area targeted.

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